Sweetwater Goldmine Policies

Sweetwater Goldmine has a sterling reputation for treating its customers with professionalism, respect and care. We're licensed as a precious metal buyer by The City of Anaheim, and follow all laws governing jewelry buying within the cities we operate. All client and transaction related information is kept strictly confidential, and will never shared by Sweetwater Goldmine. We focused on creating a fair, secure and private transaction for our clients, and are constantly updating and enhancing our processes and technology to ensure this.
  • Sweetwater Goldmine is licensed as a precious metal buyer by The City of Anaheim. DOJ#736490
  • At Sweetwater Goldmine, it is our standing policy to write you a check for the full amount of the purchase at the time and place of the transaction. We want to make sure you have cash in-hand at the time of the transaction and don't have to wait for your money.
  • Sweetwater Goldmine does not purchase jewelry for resale value. Our company does not keep cash or merchandise at our office locations. If you wish to find a jeweler that will sell your jewelry on consignment for you, please email Sweetwater your request and we will connect you with a reputable jeweler to assist you in this.


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